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The Mission Journeys/Teen Mission USA Story

The Beginning:

The Focus:

Teen Mission, USA, Inc. – A mission outreach of the independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ worldwide. The ministry was founded by Ken Henderson, under the direction of a panel of advisers in December, 1970. It was incorporated, under the leadership of a governing Board of Directors, by the state of Kentucky in February, 1972.

Mission Journeys – An outreach of Teen Mission, USA, begun in 1985. These are short-term mission work/evangelistic trips for teens and adults. The trips continue to depend upon the volunteer efforts of many Christians serving on location in many foreign and stateside missions chosen by Teen Mission, USA, and TM’s Coordinators.


I​n 1970, Ken, Henderson, wife Carol and son Doug (age 2) set out for six months of speaking/concert engagements in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and South Dakota. They left Lexington, KY, with only $200 in pocket, trusting God to meet every need along the way. After the six months, they returned with over $1,000 left after expenses. Their faith in God to meet every need was definitely deeper from the experiences.

Later that year (December, 1970), Teen Mission, USA, was born with Lexington, KY, serving as home base and Henderson serving as Executive Director

August 5, 1985 - Mission Journeys was born as an outreach of Teen Mission, USA.  The
              focus of the organization had grown from a teen based ministry to a short-term
              mission trip ministry. 

1995 - Greg Herriford joined the ministry staff, overseeing the operation of the Mission                  journeys outreach.

2006 - Global Bible School is begun. As more and more nations of the world  become
                closed to Christian missionaries, sharing the gospel of Christ  with many eager
                 students around the world by correspondence can be a valuable and strategic
                  tool for future world evangelism.

2009 – Greg became Executive Director. Ken’s new role as Founder/Director of
                 Outreach involved him in his usual teaching/speaking roles as well as assisting
                  with Mission Journeys.


January 1, 2016, Larry Mullholand became the third Executive Director for Mission Journeys/Teen Mission USA, Inc.  With the coming of a new leader, it was time to look at our direction, to refresh ideas, indeed to evaluate a new beginning.

We will continue with the areas we have ministered to in the past, Appalachia, Belize, Honduras, Barbados, and Haiti, (and others) but it seems other areas may be opening for us, too, such as Cuba and working in South Dakota with the Lakota Indians.  Larry is an enthusiastic and energetic leader. His vision is what is needed to carry us forward. In addition to his evangelistic abilities, Larry’s carpentry and electrician skills are exceedingly valuable in this work.  (Learn more about Larry on the Our Team page).

Change is nothing new to Mission Journeys & Teen Mission, USA. One of the strengths of the ministry has been its ability to change just enough through the years to challenge both Churches and Christians while meeting needs around the globe.  As short-term mission trips grow in popularity, we at Mission Journeys are committed to invest time and energy to make sure they are not just a passing fad, but actually a powerful tool for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our desire in sending out short-term mission teams is not just to give people a grand experience or to give opportunities to travel cheaply. Our desire is to produce global Christians, men and women who are cultivating Christ-like compassion for the rest of our needy world.

Our teams have fed the hungry, clothed the poor, tended to the sick, encouraged the brethren, and built needed churches, schools, & homes. They have also preached, sang, taught, & shared the love and salvation of God – ALL in Jesus’ Name! For over 50 years, God has used this ministry in different ways to accomplish His will and purposes throughout the world.

That story is continuing to be played out. Will you be a part of helping to write the next chapter?

2017 - 
      Ken continues to travel the country presenting several compelling topics geared to
      teens and adults.  Creation, Ancient Egypt, the Holy Spirit and Christian Growth        
      topics are the most requested. 

         Larry Mullholand is also available for speaking engagements, and of course,
         planning  mission trips. 

Please call or email to schedule either Ken or Larry. 

Ken Henderson

Larry & Christine Mullholand