Below you will find a list and description of everything we at Mission Journeys do to reach the lost for Christ and provide for those in need. In addition, to these items you can help with our Christmas Shoe Box program in Eastern Kentucky. You can get more information on this program by clicking on the drop down item under "What We Do!" above.

Short Term Mission Trips

Mission Journeys seeks to serve others and help in impoverished areas close to home and abroad. In 2020, we are planning trips to Haiti, Antigua, Guayana, Costa Rica, and Belize internationally, and Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and South Dakota stateside. The duration of these trips can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Please see the "Where We Go!" tab for more information about these destinations.

Food Packing Events

Working with Harvest 4 Haiti, we coordinate these events to provide meals at a cost of about 30 cents each for Haitians who otherwise would do without. These events are the perfect opportunity for churches and communities to come together for a greater cause. In 2020, Mission Journeys and it church partners would like to set a goal to pack 150,000 meals for distribution. If your church or organization would like more information please contact us.

Disater Relief, Construction and Medical Missions​

Year round Mission Journeys is actively involved in disaster relief, clean-up, and construction in areas where tragedy has occered . In addition, we occasionally send teams for medical mission trips as volunteers and resources are available.

Church Plant and
Re-Development Assistance

Statistically, many churches across the nation are struggling against financial and cultural obstacles. Mission Journeys would like to assist in the development of new churches or the re-development of established churches to help grow the kingdom in areas where this battle is ongoing.

Evangelism, Speaking, and Preaching Services

Let a representative of Mission Journeys speak at your revival, church service or a special event. Of course we would love to talk about mission work but, would be glad to speak on other topics as well. We also offer "fill in" services for ministers and churches when available. 

Camps and VBS

Mission Journeys would be glad to help with your week at camp or your church VBS. We can be a part of a program of your choosing or develop a program for you.